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I wish their faces weren’t covered and their names & addresses were listed - RACISTS!


Cinco de Mayo

What, did you think that Cinco de Mayo was about La Batalla de Puebla? Were you taught that on this day poor Mexican soldiers were able to do the unthinkable and defeat the prestigious muy acá French Army? 

Híjole! Where have you been getting your facts from, actual history books or something?

 Psssshhhhhh. Come on son, we all know Cinco de Mayo is the day white kids wear multi-colored panchos, oversized sombreros, and fake mustaches to celebrate how truly racist they can be. In fact in some regions across the States, Cinco de Mayo is also  known as National I’m a Dumb Racist Day. That’s exactly what the college kids in the images above were celebrating back in ‘07. Aw man, good times, good times.

The celebration of gringomaximos celebrating Cinco de Mayo dates back to Columbus days when Christopher himself stepped onto Hispaniola and said, “Whoooo let’s get wasted and colonize some people up in here!”   However, since dates are iffy the original celebration branched into 3 separate holidays—Cinco de Mayo, Thanksgiving Day, and Columbus Day. 

Also, there are people who claim that Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexican Independence Day and this is also true. 

Because who needs facts when you’re privileged and white? Amirite?

So cheers and FUCK YOU white people!



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  16. birkenstocksandrain said: or is it more of a culture thing? is there a word for culture-ist? culture discrimination? i wanna use ethnocentrism but it doens’t really fit here…
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    From what I gather, to them it’s pretty much St.Patrick’s day for Mexicans. I’m not even Mexican (I’m El Salvadorian)...
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