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Testimonial from Loan Tran: “it’s time to ‪#‎GetImaniBack2Flatbush‬

Imani is a friend, a comrade, a mentor, a fierce, fearless, loud-mouthed, booty-shaking, movement-making bad ass. he has dedicated much of his life to anti-war efforts, queer & trans liberation, and economic and racial justice. for the past several months he’s been working to bring Before It’s Gone // Take It Back to life: uplifting the stories, culture and art of folks being displaced by gentrification in Brooklyn and his efforts have created ripples nationwide, in neighborhoods everywhere where poor people and people of color are being pushed out. the message that Imani brings rings clear: we can resist gentrification and we can do it together.
he’s been displaced and now it’s time to get him back to Flatbush so he can be a part time community organizer for Equality for Flatbush : E4F and community social worker.

let’s celebrate Imani’s 45th birthday by giving a lil bit back of all he’s given to us.”

Imani Henry is a name you should know. To say that he is one of a kind doesn’t do him justice.

Imani is a veteran social justice organizer, artist, and social worker with a long history with the anti-war movement, queer and trans liberation, and struggles for racial and economic justice.

Imani has touched thousands of lives. By consistently refusing to be pigeonholed into one struggle, he reminds us of the power of building coalitions and practicing solidarity.

From being a founding member of TRANSJUSTICE, one of the only political organizing groups by and for trans and gender non-conforming people of color, to founding BEFORE IT’S GONE//TAKE IT BACK, Imani is always on the forefront of movement organizing.

Imani has never failed to be present for others doing the work. He’s always the first one to help in a meeting, and one of the last ones cleaning up after the march.

Now it’s our time to give back.

On August 30 Imani turned 45. Earlier this summer he had to give us his long-time residence in Flatbush. A recent graduate of NYU’s MSW program, Imani wants to get back to Flatbush as soon as possible - to spend the next 6 month of his life as a part-time organizer and community social worker back on the streets of his neighborhood, working with Equality for Flatbush on the BEFORE IT’S GONE//TAKE IT BACK PROJECT.

To make this a reality, we need to all practice a little solidarity and reciprocity. Chances are you, or someone in your community, has benefited from the legacy of Imani’s political work.

We need your help! We want to raise $10,800 in the next 30 daysto provide 6 months of support to help Imani transition back to Flatbush and set him up to be able to focus on PT organizing for Equality for Flatbush. 

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