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Things I’ve learned about being a Black man by going to grad school

The Things I’ve learned about being a Black man by going to grad school: #1 : Black men should not wear winter-appropriate clothing. Heavy coats, goose down jackets, scarves, fur-lined hats, and apparently gloves scare many white people, security guards, and store owners. They either think that some “Phantom Nergo Weapon” is being concealed inside our outerwear or that you are a homeless person so then obviously you have NO Right to enter their store, that building, or stand on a subway platform. So I have decided that I will wait for an extremely cold day to go outside only dressed in my pajamas or a bathing suit with a sign that reads : I KNOW ITS COLD but some RACISTS stole my coat !


Kitten Finishes Doctoral Thesis

After nearly three straight months of work, Jack the kitten has put the finishing touches on his doctoral thesis. The paper explores the relationship between socio-economic status and overall health, and will be reviewed by professors at Princeton University this fall.

“He just crashed as soon as he finished it,” says Cody Brinks, a friend. “I told him not to have all those energy drinks, but he wouldn’t listen.”

Via cranberrycocktail.

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