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Rapper A$AP Rocky Sounds Off On 'The Gay Thing' In Hip Hop

Great article! though I wish the author had been clear from the beginning that this was a pro-LGBTQ article. WE NEED MORE MEDIA VISIBILITY / COVERAGE of PRO-LGBTQ stances in HIPHOP! More time given to Black straight hip hop artists speaking up for LGBTQ rights vs persistent demonizing of the homophobic ones. I agree ! Tired of the portrayal of Black people and hip hop as a genre as “small-minded” homophobes!

NYC: Tues., Feb. 12: Hear Pepe Palacios, LGBT leader from the Resistance in Honduras

from the Resistance in Honduras


Pepe Palacios,
LGBT leader & activist from the Resistance in Honduras

Tuesday, Feb. 12 at the Venezuelan Consulate
(see flyer below for more details)

Pepe is traveling throughout the US as part of a national tour organized by the Honduras Solidarity Network. Please come to learn about the brutal repression being carried out against the LGBT community in Honduras. But also learn about the heroic resistance of the Honduran people who are organizing against the illegal coup of 2009 and for a new society. Since 2009, over 80 mainly transgender women and gay men have been killed in Honduras.

The LGBT community and all the people of Honduras need your solidarity!

To learn more about the killings of our sisters and brothers please click on this article below.  But more important come hear directly from a Resistance leader who is heroically standing up to defend the Honduran people.

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